Healthy Apple Pie

^^Feel free to use this cute little button here! :D The lesson today is: don't give up. Tonight I made 2 batches of dough, each not what I was hoping for. I tested a lot, was skeptical, but fought the urge to toss it and put it in the oven anyways after tedious and unsuccessful decorating. The decorating was nowhere near what I was planning after all the frustration. But I'm happy it was baked and not thrown out because it came out pretty well! The crust was flaky... the filling was gooey READ MORE

Quinoa Flour Pancakes

  I. Love. Pancakes. I remember being young and just devouring the fluffy, delicious, vanilla, chocolate chip goodness and regretting nothing, even after my stomach hurt from being so full. I miss those days. Those anything goes, no regrets days... And even more so after the Celiac diagnoses. Pancakes weren't the same in the slightest. The pre-made mixes were always too runny or just didnt taste right - and making my own.... Well they just sucked for a time to be honest. I once came up with a READ MORE


To the right, there will be a menu where all of the approved recipes, which have been attempted (probably many times) and taste tested (more like devoured - I have no self control when I enjoy something - yes, my diabetes hates me) by me, and likely my poor boyfriend. He always says it's great, but I can tell the difference between a wincing, "it's, uh, really good..." and a surprised exclamation of, "wow, this is gluten free?? It's really good!". haha. You can be sure that these recipes will READ MORE


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. If you've found this page then it is likely that you are either living a gluten free lifestyle or just looking for some healthy and/or delicious alternatives to your favorite foods. Well... So am I. That's why I started this blog; to give myself a just reason to explore all kinds of sugars, flours, substitutions, wins and fails, and dietary trends, all of which will be gluten free. Why specifically? Because that way I get to eat it all! I love food (good thing I READ MORE