Cheesecake Mousse

  ^^ Pin for later! Here's an indulgence. A RICH lemon cheesecake mousse. Less firm than a cheesecake, yet a little thicker than mousse. The taste is fresh. The texture is thick and creamy. The feeling(s) after you finish one: satisfied, thankful, mesmerized, inspired, etc., etc.  Makes for an AMAZING summer dessert; maybe with a raspberry and a mint leaf to garnish if for a party? I originally found this recipe with Let's Dish. There's a link to her (Danelle's) page. Check out her version READ MORE

Healthy Fish Cakes

^^Don't forget to click here If there's anything that I love while cooking, it's versatility. I love discovering a new recipe and finding out that it can be used in numerous ways and can be tapered to taste. That is what this recipe is: a versatile and healthy alternative to deep fried fatty crab cakes. Let me be honest though, these are still fairly high in fat. However, they include healthy fats  and otherwise healthy ingredients. I suggest making these after a hard day's work, or perhaps READ MORE