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^^Don't forget to click here What`s your poison? Donuts? Cake? Cupcakes? Ice cream, chocolates, caramels, danishes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, custard, cheesecake?... ugh... * droooooooooool* Because each and every one of these is mine. I think I was lucky to get diabetes. *I don't want to upset anyone but here's my positive spin on things. I have a MASSSSSIIVEEEEEEEE, GARGANTUAN, HULK-GODZILLA sized sweet tooth. Now, this sounds horrible: a diabetic with a sweet tooth. Ya ya ...But, if I didn't READ MORE


^^Don't forget to click this button! Stop what you're doing! Whatever it is, this is more important. What I'm about to tell you will change your life. I've found the answer. To what you ask? Why Red Lobster has such a hate for people with gluten intolerances? Kind of. I've found the answer to the question, "HOW CAN I MAKE THEIR BISCUITS???" I originally found the recipe from Damn Delicious  who makes amazing Red Lobster copycat biscuits. I first made that recipe and decided to tweak just a READ MORE


How many times have you made something, but felt the need to brace the other party for what they were about to try? Haha, we all know that our food isn't what most people are used to. I'm known for slaying my recipe before it even touches they're lips. My boyfriend knows it all too well. "Adam, can you test this for me?", "Adam, I swear this one is better than the last" "Adam, *insert bio of the food here*". Same with my friends. I always feel that I have to say something in case it READ MORE


The gluten free market has (thankfully) BOOMED in the past few years. I was diagnosed with celiac about ten years ago now, and let me tell you, there was basically nothing out there; and what WAS on the shelves all tasted like cardboard and was sky high in carbs/sugar. Mind you, at the time I was living in a small town and not in the city. Nevertheless, not a great time for a diabetic celiac. Today is MUCH different. Almost every grocery store has a gluten free section and recipes are just READ MORE


*Disclosure* This is not a cake, nor is it sweet. It is actual bread. Happy baking!!   Alright friends, it's time to get real. Let's talk about this bread. It's a treat for sure but only in the sense that it's really good, gluten free bread. It's actually really good for you. Somehow it's dense, but fluffy with a high protein flour and whole rolled oats that don't mess up the texture - you can't even tell a little bit that they weren't blended. It isn't sweet, and it actually READ MORE

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This blog focuses on gluten free food, BUT I'm well aware that it's common for people with one sensitivity have another. Ex. I have Diabetes and Celiac because the diseases are autoimmune. Here's an example of why this section is in my blog: I actually have very few symptoms. In fact, when I was diagnosed I had no symptoms at all (found out through blood testing for diabetes). As a kid, it was VERY difficult for me to realize the consequences of me constantly consuming foods with gluten when I READ MORE